My last
... map of Ashtabula county.

41,9° N and 80,0° W

Community Ashtabula


Lighthouse Lake Shore Park

Lighthouse Lake Shore Park

Lake Shore Park at Lake Erie.

A nice resort during the summer time.

Ashtabula OH

Picture taken during my trip.

My first visit in the United States.


Information board about the Harpersfield Covered Bridge!
Click on the picture to make it larger.

Information board about Harpersfield Covered Bridge


Harpersfield Covered Bridge State Ohio

Covered Bridge crossing the Grand River - State Ohio.


Harpersfield Covered Bridge


Covered Bridge crossing the Grand river - State Ohio!



House with icicles in the community

Typical wood houses in the United States.


The Niagara falls consist of two falls. The Rainbow fall belongs to the state New York (U.S.A.) and the Horseshoes fall belongs to the state Ontario (Canada).


View from the Canadian bank the comunity Niagara. The weather was mild on this day and the sun came out in the afternoon.
In the background the city Buffalo state New York.


Rainbow bridge and the falls in the background

The The American bank and the Canadian bank of Niagara is connected by the Rain bow bridge. A symbol of peace I guess. Many Americans and Canadians cross the border for shopping or just for walking and hiking.


US-Visa Entry for Tourists

Canadian Stamp

Ohio State Information!



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