Spring - Frühling  
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The spring comes very early in the year in the Rhine valley. Yellow flowers at Kaub in the Rhine valley. Second picture you can see the Roman stones (Römersteine) in Mainz. In the foreground some sheeps. The stones in the background are some fragments of ancient Roman waterpipe they provided the Roman soldiers with water. Spring meadow in the palmyard of Frankfurt.

  1. Yellow flowers at Kaub in the Rhine valley - Gelbe Blumen bei Kaub an den Hängen des Rheins.

  2. Roman stones in Mainz - Römersteine in Mainz (Zahlbachtal)

  3. Spring meadow in the palmyard of Frankfurt - Frühlingswiese im Palmgarten von Frankfurt.
  Summer - Sommer  
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The summers are long, warm and humid. The weather is changing fast and we have often heavy thunderstorms. But in spite of it is a lovely charming landescape - special Wiesbaden is the gate of Rheingau. Visitors like to visite the Rhine valley by ship to see the wine yards, castles and rocks between Wiesbaden and Koblenz.

  1. Niederwaldmemorial at Rüdesheim - Niederwalddenkmal bei Rüdesheim

  2. View on the Rhinevalley from the convent of Hildegardis - Blick auf das Rheintal vom Hildegardiskloster.

  3. View on the city of Wiesbaden from the pool on the Neroberg - Blick auf das Stadtzentrum von Wiesbaden vom Neroberg.
  Fall - Herbst


Some fall impressionen in the Rheingau near Walluf (Gut Nußbaum). This is my favourite walking spot on sunny days. The Rhinevalley is protected against cold weather by the surrounding mountains (Taunus northward and Hunsrück westward).

  Winter - Winter  
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Snowy winter is really seldom. But if it happens the landescapes seems to be turned in a ferry land.
  1. Tree covered by snow at Goethestein. - Schneebedeckter Baum am Goethestein.

  2. Path direction to Wiesbaden-Frauenstein. - Weg nach Wiesbaden-Frauenstein.

  3. Island Rettbergsaue in the winter. - Die Insel Rettbergsaue im Winter.
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