Saxony - Bohemian Switzerland!  
Prebischtor - the rock gate is located in the 
                Bohemian Switzerland. Rock formation of Bohemian Switzerland

The rock formation and the rock gate Prebischtor are located in the Bohemian switzerland. Beyond the border of Czech Republic. It takes about an hour to get there by foot.

Leaned close to the rock gate is a old shabby lousy inn. The beer is o.k. The food is easy - but cheap and the room is a little dirty.

But the area and the vista from the top of rock is so unique that the traveller will forget the inn. If you have intention to visit this place you should have lunch in the village Hrensko or take a lunch bag with you. Also good solid shoes will be important, because it is easy to hurt yourself if you used the wrong shoes on the stony paths...

Updated on 30.04.01

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