My America vacation from March 18 through March 31!  

Somewhere over the clouds
                        of Canada

Take off 11 a.m. sunny weather in Frankfurt. Arriving time 1:30 p.m. cloudy weather in Philladelphia.

High up in the sky somewhere over Canada.


Geneva-on-the-lake, a summer resort on the beach of lake Erie. Eight miles west from Ashtabula and about fifty miles east from Cleveland.

My Pontiac Sunfire on Walnut Blv Ashtabula

An Pontiac Sunfire, my rented car on the Walnut Blv in Ashtabula.

Gas regular 87 unleaded was needed for driving the car.


The lovely Saturday sunset on the beach. The evenings were really icy in March.

Lovely sunset 
                        on the beach

white caps on the lake Erie

White caps on the top of waves. It was a pleasure - listening to the howling wind and murmur waves in the early morning and in the evening...
The Lake House Inn, 5653 Lake Road, Geneva-on-the-lake, OH 44041
                runs by the fagnilli family
  The Lakehouse Inn, where I stayed for two weeks, it runs by the Fagnilly family. You get a regular frugal breakfast and a pretty hearty hosptality. They store their own wine and I enjoyed wine taste and two nice weeks there.

I imagine it will be a good place for a summer vacation with the whole family or friends.

The Lake House Inn:
The Lakehouse Inn
5653 Lake Road
Geneva-on-the-lake, OH 44041
tel: 440 466 8668

  Netcher Road Bridge (2.7 miles from Jefferson). The site of our newest bridge. The bridge is construckted over Mill Creak in Jefferson. Townwhip, and it features a timber arch with inverted Haupt walls. The "Neon Victorian" design struckture is 110 feet, long, 22-feet whide, and 14 feet six in ches high cconstruction started 1998, and it was funded Ogan ODOT

old stone church 
                on the public square corner superior avenue
As opposed to the new buildings - an old church...

The old stone church at the public square oposite of the soldiers' and sailors' monument on the corner public square superior avenue. The monument remains of the Civil war 1861-1865. Inside you can see murals about the civil war and there are lists the name of over 10.000 soldiers and sailors...

Soldiers' and 
                sailors' monument and old submarine
On the Cleveland's harbour you can see an old submarine used in the second world war.

The Rock and Roll museum of Cleveland

The rock and roll museum of Cleveland. Indoor of the main entrance you can see hanged-up Trabants (name of former eastgerman car).

The exhibition shows photos, drawings, costumes, lyrics and other artifacsts of the artists. Featuring videos, sound, interactive kiosk and movies about the history of rock and roll.

In the fourth and fiths floor is a special exhibition about Lennon's life and work.


 School bus near museum of natural history on the university circle Cleveland.

The circle is the museum quarter of Cleveland. There you will find the botanical garden, Crawford auto aviation museum, museum of natural history and the art museum.

School bus on University circle
Niagara falls

The Niagara falls. In the top the Canadian horse shoe and the three sister island on the left side.

Below the American falls with the rainbow bridge in the background.

The Niagara divided state New York U.S.A. (below right side) and state Ontario Canada (below left).

On the Canadian side you will find a lot parks (queen victoria park). The best view on the falls you will have from the table rock, where you can see both falls...

The climate is pretty harsh there and snow can be found by May once in a while...


A Saturday's trip through the flat landescape of Ashtabula county. During my bridge tour I found these nice spots of farmland.

The Ashtabula county is a big plain with few tiny hills. Just rivers carved valleys through the lake plain.

Special I liked the charming farmland that seems to be never ending, although many parts of the county are covered by woodland.

The lake Erie weather is changing pretty fast. A sunny morning doesn't mean the whole day is going to be nice.

Farmland in Ashtabula county
The plain lake Erie area
Some days it just took about 30 or 40 minutes to cover the whole sky by fast moving clouds.

The Great lakes have affects to the weather and often you can see interesting cloud formations in the sky.

The Great lakes are the biggest fresh water reservoir of north America and maybe of the world, too...

A lot of the former settlers come from Italy, Sweden and Finnland.

Light house and Hapersfield covered bridge

Left Light house near Lake shore park Ashtabula. Right Hapersfield covered bridge reflected on the water surface of Grand river. It is the longest one of Ohio.


Afternoon walk along the Conneaut creek eastward of Ashtabula. This place is popular for fishing and canoeing during the season.

Pontiac sunfire and Conneaut creek
My host, the Fagnilli Family.

My host, the Fagnilli Family. The photos were taken on the March 30, 2002.


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