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View from church St. Hildegard 
                over the vineyards to the Rochusmountain beyond the 
                river Rhine.

Wiesbaden is the capital town of the federal state Hessen. The city itself is located in a valley opened to the south where the river Rhine flows along.

Surrounded by the Taunusmountains and the vineyards yards in the north and west the town is protected against the cold and icy wind coming from the north.

The area eastwards is really flat and covered by fields and few farms. The lovely touch of this area comes from the wood mountains and the hills can already be seen when you are approaching Wiesbaden from the south or east.

The close river Rhine is responsible for the mild climate. The summer weather gets more cooler and once in a while foggy and the winter gets warmer and therefore snowy winterdays are pretty seldom.

View from harbour Ingelheim Rheinland Pfalz to
                Oestrich Winkel Hessen. In the background are the 

Located on 50° 5' degree of latitude north and 8° 15' degrees of longitude east is the Wiesbaden noon time 12:27 CET when the sun is exactly in the south.

The highest point of city is the mountain Hohe Wurzel - 608 m over sea level and the lowest spot is the harbour Schierstein located 83 m over sea level.

By the way the harbour is a lovely place for a walk while the sun is shining. You can see some sailing boats and enjoy the birds, flowers and the reflected water by the sun light.

If you get hungry you can find restaurants, where you can eat sea food or Greek food. During the long summer days the people walk and sit down on benches to enjoy the sunset at the harbour.

View on the thin island. In the background you 
                can see the Taunusmountains.

The landscape and especial the Rheingau area are unique and that might be the reason that plenty of tourists come to see the vineyards hills every year.

Vineyards in the Rheingau
Typical vineyard you can find in the Rheingau.

View over the Harbour of Schierstein

Harbour Schierstein with sailing boats in the summertime. This place is a resort for relaxing after work for the local people.

Tree branches covered by snow

Winter in the Rheingau. This ocurred pretty seldom over here. Usually the snow doesn´t remain on the ground for a long time. The picture was taken on January, the 21st, 2001 and next day the snow melted away again.

Snowy day on Frauenstein

The pictures were taken in Wiesbaden Frauenstein near Goethestein. By the way, this place was visited by the famouse German poet Goethe.



Near Bingen are located the Rochus chapel and the mice tower on a small island of river Rhine.

Bingen and Rheingau

View on the union of the river Nahe and river Rhine at the small town Bingen.

Bingen and Rheingau
Another picture of Mice tower and the town Bingen located in the background.
The community Bingen has also an own link:

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