My family!



My parents!

Short walk along the creek "Kaitzbach" in Dresden Mockritz



My mother, sister and me

The picture was taken in Zschertnitz - a quarter of Dresden. From left my mother, sister and me.

My dad and me in the yard

My dad and me in the yard located Hellersiedlung, not far away from the airport.



Picture from my childhood

My sister, me and my dad when I was about five years old.
The bridge in the background was under construction during these days.






Bild im Berliner Tierpark 1975




Picture taken in the eighties

Picture taken 2002


Picture taken 12/09/06



This picture was taken when my niece Ulrike had her "Jugendweihe". That is a kind of celebration when young people enter to the the world of grown-ups.
"Picture of Ulrike´s Jugendweihe"


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Updated on 20.12.06