Community of Ashtabula!
Ashtabula County

Ashtabula - Zip Code 44004

(Ash-te-'by-la) means "River of many Fish"

Ashtabula is located on the southern shore of Lake Erie, about half way between Cleveland,OH (westwards) and Erie, PA (eastwards). Both towns are about 50 miles away. In 1995 the population was 24.133 inhabitants.

Home of music, dance and theatre serves the art center of Ashtabula. Also has the community one university (the Kent university), libraries, a cinema and a small mall.

Light House

Light House near Ashtabula harbour.

This picture I took before visiting the library. One the right picture you can see the library and the church is located some blocks down the street.

library in Ashtabula
church near library

In former days a cable train moved the people from one part of community to another one. The picture below the lines show the old down town of Ashtabula and is located not far away from the harbour.

Old down town of Ashtabula
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